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Appliance Solutions

Appliance Solutions is an independent Appliance repair company. We came this far due to our fast, friendly and dependable service provided by our well-trained and professional technicians. We charge by the job and not by the hour, so you’ll know the exact cost of repairs before we start the service.

You can always feel comfortable with our trusted technicians as we performed background checks and drug screenings on all technicians before they enter your home, and all of our technicians will take the utmost care to protect your property and leave your home just as clean as when they arrived.



Refrigerator Repair Service

When it comes to your kitchen appliances, the refrigerator is by far one of the most important. As professionals, we understand how vital your refrigerator is to your family, and although they are all indeed different, we have the tools and experience to get yours up and running again fast. We know that you that you depend on your refrigerator each and every day, and when it decides to quit, it can create some big problems. Here at Appliance Solutions, we pride ourselves on the fast, friendly, dependable service that we’re known for, and our staff of fully trained professional appliance repair technicians can have your machine up and running the very same day you call.


Washer Repair Service

Every one of your home appliances is vital to your every day life, but in the laundry room, nothing’s worse than a malfunctioning washing machine. As you know, every brand is different, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. Luckily, we’ve been in the business for over 7 years, and not only do we know washing machines inside and out, but we understand how important your washer is to your family, and that’s why we’re proud to be known for the fast, friendly, dependable service that we’ve always provided. No matter the brand, we’ll be able to diagnose your unit, and give you the final quote for repair before we even begin, because we charge by the job, not by the hour.


Oven Repair

For decades, people everywhere have been depending on their home appliances to not only save them time, but to make their everyday lives a whole lot easier as well. As you know, when it comes to kitchen appliances, your range is easily one of the most important, because it is what you use for all of your daily cooking needs. It’s true that every brand is different, but no matter which one you have, a malfunctioning range is always a big problem. Luckily, getting your machine up and running again can be quick and easy, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either. Here at Appliance Solutions, we have over 7 years of experience dealing with problematic ranges, and we service virtually every brand there is.


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